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If shooting does start, my Facebook Friends will obviously call it murder by the BLM. ThinkProgress will exclaim with horror that Tea Party racists have used their chests to ruin perfectly good bullets.

Bob Murphy on the media coverage (both social and mainstream) of the Cliven Bundy standoff (via laliberty)

Actually, I honestly think progs would see it as validation of the massive ammo purchases by the many domestic law enforcement divisions of the federal government and homeland security.

All of the posturing and leaking of documents with respect to the face of domestic “terror” will have led to this.

Consider that for the last 5-7 years we’ve had a trickle of information coming out of law enforcement, tax collection and homeland circles indicating that they are aiming not so much at foreign terrorists but “the new threat” from within with a profile that matches the Bundy Ranch and its resistance to a “T”.

Forget the fact that there has not been a single terror attack by anyone matching this profile. This is merely mass mental preparation for the population (as we’ve seen from the ignorance displayed on tumblr) for when they go hot against the armed resistance.

The powers that be don’t mind the statist/socialist progressive left because the statist left is confused or dishonest. They help maintain the illusion that there is some kind of separation between the State and corporation. In fact they spend most of their time begging to be disarmed and begging for the government to become larger and more oppressive.

They suffer from something like Stockholm Syndrome mingled with Battered-Wife syndrome and are therefore given media bullhorns, cause célèbre and allowed hyped up non-protests like OWS that last for months but predictably get no results.

These social elements get patted on the back by one hand of the machine and punched in the face with the other and they’ll still swear up and down that more State is the answer.

The threat that the government takes seriously is the element of the population that has left the plantation, and that number is growing daily. More people are walking away from the false republican versus democrat statist dynamic and toward freedom.

The State is like a false god, without believers they are nothing. They recognize that this is the real threat to their power.

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GREETINGS FROM POMPEII — Vintage visions of the ancient ruins of Pompeii, Italy, circa 1905, photochrome color postcards from the Detroit Publishing Company, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

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See that every night in the country.

I doubt it… You’d only see a sky like that with absolutely 0 light pollution

Plus the night sky images were taken using a longer exposure, thus not visible with the naked eye.

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Damn near!


Damn near!

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