Shots from my IPod...

Originally started out as a way to show my creative side via photos shot on my Ipod. Now a place to show that but also comment on the things I believe in and admire or find interesting.

I believe in God, Country Family, and Brotherhood.

I find interesting Art of all types, Guns, Hunting, and anything that can be done outdoors.

Military history and the reasons and actions before and after a conflict have always intrigued me.

Somethings I post are designed to "stir the pot" and won't be politically correct nor in line with todays skewed sense of reality nor equality. Politics are the things that tear us apart but you have to pick a place to stand.

Have traveled the world and seen the best and worst that the human can do to another.

Life isn't fair, the world owes you nothing and hardwork pays the best rewards. You earn respect but must give it as well. We can learn from history; be it yours, your parents, their parents or the world. Evil truly exists in the world, fight it. The Constitution was written for a reason and it deserves to be defended.

Politicians have no ones interests in mind except for them to remain power.

How I feel about this gun control crap!

How I feel about this gun control crap!


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